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Higher Institute of Tourism and Hospitality (Albaha Branch) is considered one of the first specialized institutes in the field of tourism and hotels around KSA. It offers exceptional training programs ended with employment as Diploma in Hotel and Tourism Management, Event Management, and Restaurant Management through sister branches in the Kingdom. In line with international accreditations, the institute held strategic partnerships with several regional and international institutes, including the Swiss Institute HTMI and Jordan University for Hospitality and Tourism Education; moreover, HITH grants and organizes scholarships for outstanding performance and excellent academic grading of its students.

Restaurant Management
Events Management
Hospitality Management
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Tourism Management
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The Higher Institute For Tourism and Hospitality has renewed its contract with Urth Caffé, to train and employ 80 male and female students. https://t.co/kFIXBbMQxy HtmiKSA photo

يجدد المعهد العالي للسياحة والضيافة تعاقده مع Urth Caffé لمنح الفرصة لتدريب وتوظيف 80 طالب وطالبة. https://t.co/CW47QGXVs3 HtmiKSA photo

Wall Street English will Deliver Qiddiya trainees English foundation and skills training at the Higher Institute for Hospitality and Tourism. https://t.co/6RcJTJ03F4 HtmiKSA photo

تقدم Wall Street English لمتدربي القدية برنامج اللغة الإنجليزية لتنمية مهاراتهم في المعهد العالي للسياحة والضيافة. https://t.co/WggTsoQzlM HtmiKSA photo

زيارة المدير العام و مساعد الرئيس التنفيذي لفندق فيرمونت الى المعهد العالي النسائي للسياحة والضيافة لشراكة استراتيجية تبدأ مع برنامج مدير تحت التدريب. https://t.co/FZlvAmMkQU HtmiKSA photo

General Manager and ass. CEO of Fairmont Hotel visit HTMi Riyadh to establish a strategic partnership starting with MIT for HoD’s https://t.co/KAn3czBrmg HtmiKSA photo