National Partners

Technical & Vocational Training Corporation

Contribute effectively to economic, social and environmental development by providing technical and vocational training for the citizens of the country with the quality and efficiency required by the labor market and achieving global leadership that ensures independence and self-sufficiency.

Human Resources Development Fund

Develop the national manpower and raise its competitiveness by supporting specialized training and qualification programs that meet the needs of youth through qualified human resources, advanced information systems and a comprehensive knowledge and research methodology.

Council of Saudi Chambers

In strategic cooperation with the Council of Saudi Chambers, the Council is considered with securing and developing the business sector in the K.S.A and it has initiative procedures to once again secure the capitals of human and financial resources in the frame of our Islamic values.

Ministry of Labor

Set manpower through implementing labor system, planning and developing human resources, and settling labor disputes in the private sector.

Ministry of Tourism

The Ministry of Tourism acts to facilitate a sustainable and successful development of the tourism industry in the Kingdom by providing clear instructions for this industry and working through close partnership with industry leaders and partners to create an environment in which this progressive industry can achieve a high degree of self-sufficiency.

International Partners


HTMI is one of among pioneering Hospitality and Tourism Management Institutes in Switzerland. While the main campus in Switzerland undertakes to offer courses ranging from Diploma up to Master Level programs, our campus in Saudi Arabia offers two-year HTMI diploma to our students in hospitality and Tourism Management. Our students have the chance to pursue their Bachelor’s Degree in tourism and hospitality management Program after the completion of diploma.

ITE Education Services

The ITE Education Services (ITEES), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Institute of Technical Education (ITE), Singapore, was set up in January 2003 with the objective of sharing ITE’s expertise in Technical and Vocational Education & Training (TVET).

ITE Singapore was established as a post-secondary education institution in 1992 under the Ministry of Education. ITE is a principal provider of career and technical education and key developer of national occupational skills certification and standards to enhance Singapore’s workforce competitiveness. Under its “One ITE System, Three Colleges” Governance and Education model, ITE has three Colleges, namely ITE College Central, ITE College East and ITE College West.


World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) is the United Nations specialized agency entrusted with the promotion of responsible, sustainable and universally accessible tourism. It is the leading international organization in the field of tourism, which promotes tourism as a driver of economic growth, inclusive development and environmental sustainability and offers the sector leadership and support in advancing knowledge and tourism policies worldwide. It serves as a global forum for tourism policy issues and a practical source of tourism research and knowledge. It encourages the implementation of the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism to maximize the contribution of tourism to socio-economic development, while minimizing its possible negative impacts, and is committed to promoting tourism as an instrument in achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), geared towards eliminating poverty and fostering sustainable development and peace worldwide.

William Angliss Institute

William Angliss Institute is the largest specialist center for foods, tourism, hospitality, and events training in Australia. The institute operates on both national and international levels, offering focused training on industry from half a day programs to four-years programs, starting from traditional pub hospitality to five stars customer service, from campus to youth programs, and to the workplace and remote sites.

Of our specializations, the institute offers full programs of VCAL and VET in schools through certificates, diploma, graduate programs, and post-graduate degrees. The institute has a wide range of delivering the training in each state and territory of Australia.

The institute is constantly designing programs to be offered internationally like Four partnerships in China, one partnership in Sri Lanka and Tourism Continuing Education & Training (CET) Centre in Singapore and an international delivery platform. The institute continues conducting off-shore project development work with industry, governments and development-aid agencies.


Eckert International Schools have its own experience in the area of international education to draw on. If you want to find a school for training and further education so that the workers in your country can profit from know-how “made in Germany”, this experience will be helpful for you.