The story of the insistence of “Magrashi”, which he told the “Sabbq news”, began when his father passed away ,he felt that their lives on the social security is very difficult, so he decided to rely on himself and provide a monthly income for his family .The dream finally came true when a restaurant in Riyadh agreed to employ him as a dishwasher. He said: “I did not ask about the details of my contract or the nature of my work. I all what I thought of is that I got a job and a salary.

His ambitions began to grow day after day, and after deep research, he decided to pursue hospitality despite opposition to this decision, but he kept silent and continued his journey. That is why he joined Abdull-Mohsen Al-Hokair High Institute for Hospitality and Tourism Majrashi has experienced the basics of hospitality, learning kitchen arts, communication skills , developing his skills in using computers and English The story of “Magrashi” success is to continue, he has become a manager of a restaurant in 2016 and became fluent in English and he is doing his best to develop himself and help his colleagues to get developed

“From Human Resource Management to the Culinary World”

I am proud to be called chef Abdulla Ghadran Al Ghamdi. I started my career in one of the most prestigious companies in the Kingdom in Human Resource Management. After that, I decided to leave the job and join Abdul-Mohsen Al Hokair High Institute . During my several visits to the institute, I got fascinated seeing some Saudi youth in the kitchen in their white suits getting culinary and service training .I decided to join the program of beverages and food production diploma for one year . I achieved excellence in the Institute in the practical training and got the best trainee certificate. Upon graduation and based on the contract signed before the training process , I joined Holiday Inn and during that time, I participated in the competition of the best young Saudi chef where I got to the final stages . After that, I accepted an offer from Al Faisaliah Hotel to work as an assistant of the head of the Saudi cuisine department . I gained many experiences during my work at Al Faisaliah Hotel and then moved to work in the Palace of conferences in Riyadh for the royal ceremonies to serve as the head of Arab cuisine ,so far.

From Governmental relations employee to -Globalization

I was working for a company in the Western Region as an employee of government relations and I always aspired to work in hospitality industry. One day, I received  a message from Abdull-Mohsen Al-Hokair High  Institute for Hospitality and Tourism stating that they are hiring for some international hotels .I got pleased and  without ny hesitation ,I went to Riyadh region, and had an interview , then  I joined a program called Food and  Beverages. After my  graduation I moved to Hilton Doubletree Hotel in the Riyadh . Fortunately, I participated in  many conferences  that helped me to increase my experience and got a lot of appreciation letters .To my surprise I  was chosen by  Hilton Worldwide to be honored in Dubai for my contributions and dedication in my job. My dreams in this field has no limits.

An ambitious young man who has worked for several professions, including working as a Saudi cook in one of the largest and oldest hotels in the capital, Riyadh, has succeeded in making his way strongly in less than three years.

Abdull-Aziz said ” I started my success trip in Aabdull-Mohsen Al-Hokair High Institute for Hospitality and Tourism studying Food safety, kitchen preparation, and safety inside the kitchen. Then I started to intensify the courses and get into the hot kitchen and the cold kitchen, as well as the bakery. Meanwhile I continued my study at King Abdulaziz University to get my bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Management. He added, “Despite the many concerns, I participated in various competitions according to the professions I studied and I did well in most of them. Thankfully, I participated with a number of skilled Saudi Chefs , and we achieved different awards in different fields in Hospitality Industry . Abdul Aziz believes that if a young Saudi finds support, he does his best and achieves the highest. He added that, his entry into the kitchen world came as a step to break the word “defect” to work. He said, “I got more psychological and moral support than I expected from my parents and relatives. “I advise all my young brothers to work and to defeat the difficulties as I did, and they have to do all they can to get the highest levels,” Moreover, he believes that a lot of Opportunities are available in different sectors for the Saudi youth especially tourism sector, One of the objectives of the vision of the Kingdom, 2030 and the development of tourism in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

I graduated from Abdulmohsen Al Hokair Institute for Hotel Training in 2012 and after graduation I joined the French Food Services Company (French Corner Bakery) for one year. Then I got a job offer from Four Seasons Hotel Riyadh. I worked as a chef assistant for one year and then got promoted. The hotel sent me to Dubai to get a specialized training program in Chinese cuisine .Then, I got promoted to head of the kitchen and in 2015 I received the award of Tourism Excellence as the best young chef from the Saudi Authority for Tourism and National Heritage. I am proud of my job as a chef and  I aspire to reach the highest positions in this career.

From a dental student to the operations manager of a French company

I was a student at the Faculty of Dentistry (Qassim University) and I was looking for a job in management or reception until I went to the office one day to find a job placement announcement at Abdul-Mohsen Al-Hokair Institute. I was not too keen on the idea because it was not my early ambition, I got encouraged by some of my friends and I decided to join the institute.
I joined one year program of beverages and food production  and got employed for  (SODESCO), a French company .I started training in 2011 and I was very impressed with the work and started to get the idea of continuing this work which many young people do not know at the time. It was strange for us to enter this field , which was considered an opportunity for all young Saudis to graduate . I got the position of director of a  unit and after almost a year I was promoted to a project manager. The tasks and responsibilities were very high ,however I accepted the challenge backed by my training at  Abdull-Mohsen Al-Hokair Institute  , as I studied food service , food production food safety , kitchen safety, communication skills and English  .That helped me to be the Director Operations in the same company , in less than one year and I am  still on the job and I aspire to get to promoted in the company in the near future.

From an employee without a salary to a duty manager

After studying at King Saud University, I specialized in tourism and archeology. During my period of study at the university, I decided to try to join an evening job that would help me gain experience in the hotel industry without affecting my academic progress.
After several attempts to join a hotel in Riyadh  , I got a  position  as a receptionist and continued to work until I graduated from the university.
After that, a group of my colleagues and I  decided to develop and refine our skills in the hospitality field. In those days, a contract was signed between the university and Abdul Mohsen Al Hokair Higher Institute for Hotel Training .Consequently ,  we joined  Institute for 6 months after the completion of the internship at Movenpick Hotel. The training period was of great interest to my colleagues and me as they were all in the hotel simulation labs.
Upon completion of the training, I was assigned to the Movenpick Hotel Makkah. I continued working in the hotel for about a year. Then I moved to America to study English and try to complete my postgraduate studies. After returning to Riyadh I joined Al Bustan (hotel and 800 villas) as a receptionist and after 8 months of work I have been promoted and now work as a duty manager and I am looking forward to proceed in this prosperous filed.

“From unemployment to self-realization”

My name is Raad Al-Ghamdi. I graduated from high school in 2014 and tried to get a job ,but all in vain . The refusal was always due to lack of experience and lack of proficiency in English until I was informed by one of my relatives that the Abdul Mohsen Al Hokair Hotel Training Institute offers training programs that end  by recruitment.
I actually went to the institute and got interviewed and accepted  ,from the very beginning they started helping and providing us with the  practical skills .I started my hotel management diploma ,studying English , communication skills , rooms division and Opera which I completed with excellence.
After graduation, I joined Mena Hotel as a receptionist and then moved to the Golden Tulip Qasr al-Nasiriyah also as a receptionist, but for a temporary period I moved to the position of human resources coordinator at the same hotel. I moved to the Golden Tulip Hotel in Andalusia as a receptionist for 8 months. I am currently a candidate for the reception manager at the same hotel.

“From a mobile phone vendor to a chef’s coach”

After graduating from high school I worked as a salesperson in a mobile shop .However I have always tried my best to find a job that meets my ambition . I got the opportunity when I  found a job posting from the Al Hokair Hotel Training Institute.
I immediately contacted the number shown and responded by the recruitment department and work a simple explanation by telephone, which led me to go to the Institute and undergo a personal interview was accepted and informed that the next day. Where I did not expect to be accepted so quickly and joined the food production program in 2013.
After graduation, I joined the Higher Institute of Tourism and Hospitality in the area of Al-Baha . However , I got family circumstances that I was obliged to move to Riyadh ,and the administration was very helpful and transferred me to Al-Hokair Institute to continue my job with the same job title. A new task has been added, which is to start training the Saudi trainees  in the food production labs. The work continued for a year and a half until the family order was completed. I returned to Al-Baha as an assistant trainer.

“My ambition is the roof of the sky”

I was working for a commercial company as an administrative officer and I was looking for better job opportunities. I applied for employment at the Tulip Inn Hotel and was directed to Abdul Mohsen Al Hokair Training Institute and was interviewed by the Recruitment Department and then by the hotel management.
I was accepted for the 3-month  front office program. During the training period, I had all the practical  skills and  details necessary for the  front office work such as  customer service  , communication skills , Opera and room service.
After graduation, I worked for the hotel as a hotel receptionist. Then I was promoted to reception manager at Andalusia Hotel. After a year I was promoted to Human Resources Manager at Andalusia Hotel. I really find  AlHokair Group as  a group of the most prestigious companies working in hospitality industry . After nine months,  I was promoted to become the human resources manager of Andalusian Hotel and El Mina Hotel. I wish I could be one of the pioneers in hotel management in Saudi Arabia