“From a medical science student to a supervisor.“

I was a student at the Faculty of Medical Science at Jazan University ( Majored in Medical Laboratories, but I do not have the desire and inclination to complete my education in the medical field. I have always aspired to manage individuals. As a result of this ambition, I decided to find another specialty that meets my ambitions

Through the search, I found an announcement of the High Institute for Tourism and Hospitality in Jazan City asking Saudi individuals to join their trainees to be qualified in tourism and hospitality sectors through training for two years. Finding jobs in the largest hotels and tourism facilities in the Kingdom.

I called the number in the advertisement and was answered by the institute administration. The details were explained to me by telephone. I visited the institute and had an interview and finally I was accepted. I did not expect to be accepted so quickly and joined the Institute in Tourism Management Program in 2014 for a two-year employment contra

After graduating in 2016, I joined Al-Hokair Group for Tourism and Development in Riyadh as shift supervisor. After six months of work and a number of courses I obtained such as Customer Service and Team Management, I was promoted to a supervisor.

“From a vendor in a shop to a supervisor.“

After graduating from high school, I worked as a salesman in a grocery store for eight years, but this was never my ambition and I stayed for many years as a salesman looking for a job opportunity that would provide me and my family with a steady income and a level of job security.

I went to the Human Resources Fund in Jazan City to read a job training announcement at the High Institute for Tourism and Hospitality. I visited the Institute and made an initial interview. I was successfully interviewed. I completed the admission procedures and joined the training course in the tourism management department for two years.

In 2016, I graduated and joined Al-Hokair Group for Tourism and Development as an operator in Taif city. After three months of work I got the ideal employee award for the site and I was promoted to shift supervisor. After 5 months I was promoted to a supervisor. I am still working as a supervisor.

“The failure is the key to open the doors of success.“

After graduating from high school I joined the University of Jazan for a year at the Faculty of Information Technology (specialization networks). I did not complete my university studies. I joined the Technical College for one year majored in mechanics and for some reasons I did not complete my studies at the Technical College.

During my job search I was informed by one of my friends that there was an employment training course at the High Institute for Tourism and Hospitality. I visited the Institute and the administration of the Institute explained the conditions, rules of admission, the available courses, the duration of the training and the benefits that I will receive if the interview is successfully completed.

Thank God Almighty …. I passed the interview successfully and signed a work contract on the same day. I was happy for getting the key that will open the doors of success in my scientific and practical life.

I joined the hotel management department for two years during which I received practical and theoretical training and acquired the skills necessary to work in international hotels. I was graduated in 2016 and joined the work directly at the Pullman Hamra Hotel in Jeddah. As a result of my mother’s health conditions I moved to work in Dammam. I am very confident that the doors of success are limitless. I am still seeking to open more doors of success in my career. I am currently a candidate for the position of a  supervisor of the reception at the same hotel.