Welcome Higher Institute of Hospitality and Tourism located in Saudi Arabia.

The Higher Institute of Hospitality and Tourism is considered to be the first specialised institute of its kind in the Kingdom providing education and training in Hospitality and tourism industry. Apart from academic services, Institute focuses on practical knowledge gained trough high level of interaction with the industry.

Diploma in Hotel and Tourism Management , Event Management  and Restaurant Management  with accreditations and partnerships with global leaders including Hotel and Tourism Management Institute in Switzerland and Jordan University for Hospitality and Tourism give the students possibility to enter the industry on management entry level.

Apart from having focus on quality of education, The Higher Institute of Hospitality and Tourism has created large training capacities throughout Saudi Arabia in Riyadh, Japan and Baha.

Leadership and innovation in tourism and hospitality education in accordance with community services at local and international levels of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Higher Institute for tourism and hospitality shares and contributes positively in kingdom of Saudi Arabia boom by offering outstanding tourism and hotel management training programs during the training period. HITH cares and concerns with developing and improving practical skills and knowledge of tourism and hospitality through effective strategic partnership locally and internationally. These training programs build up social awareness of tourism and hotel management that lead to national development and prosperous.

The Institute applies standards of excellence and globalization in teaching and learning within an environment of respect and support directed towards moral, ethnic, religious, social and economic diversity through partnership with a distinguished training partner at the international level in addition to participating with industry leaders to enhance the efficiency of graduates and prepare them to assume leadership roles and contribute to the global tourism development industry.

Higher Institute of Tourism and Hospitality is providing the community with local and global expertise in the field of tourism and hotel in accordance with the long history of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. HITH participates effectively to maintain the heritage of Saudi Arabia within the cultural frame of the kingdom in parallel with support tourist environment and respect cultural diversity and pluralism.

Integrity and Transparency:

    • Higher Institute of Tourism and Hospitality commits to the highest ethical values and act with integrity and transparency in order to achieve institutional justice and enhance confidence and credibility.
    • Higher Institute of Tourism and Hospitality supports the cooperation and teamwork spirit.

Leadership and Continuous Learning:

Higher Institute of Tourism and Hospitality develops the spirit of innovation, leadership, proactiveness, excellence and applies the best global practices in all aspects of practical training in tourism and hospitality industries.

The Effectiveness of Decision-making:

Higher Institute of Tourism and Hospitality is committed that all training plans are matching and serving the field of tourism and hospitality and based on a scientific basis and practical standards. Additionally, HITH is committed to adopt and implement systems that have effective and efficient procedures to guarantee best cycle of training.

Effective Communication:

Higher Institute of Tourism and Hospitality is committed to activate all channels with all stakeholders, concerned employees, trainees, partners, suppliers, and local and international community.