Saudi Entertainment Academy , SEA

Entertainment is an all-inclusive term of a wide industry whereby activities take place for the purpose of entertaining people and creating joy through the various forms that include, but are not limited to performances, events, media production, arts, and theater.

With the Kingdom 2030 vision of increasing tourism within the kingdom, entertainment is considered as an integral part of the hospitality industry. With the expansion of entertainment centers throughout the kingdom, the demand of for employing qualified & skilled graduates in the entertainment industry is large.

In efforts of empowering the human capital of the entertainment sector, Bunyan Company in collaboration with MENA Company and in support of the Technical & Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC) and General Entertainment Authority (GEA), launched a world class Academy called Saudi Entertainment Academy (SEA) through the accredited courses from University of Nice & Paris Academy in France. SEA is committed to train Saudi youth “male & female” to achieve their high potential that will result in contributing to national human resources development.

Diploma Programs